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Get to know me

Well, where do I start?

To get the boring stuff out the way first, my full name is Charlotte Emily Morrell and I am 18 years old. (yawn)

Currently, I am a university student in my first year studying Business Law (probably yawn again).
However, I have wanted to do many jobs growing up. Of course the first job I wanted was to be a Princess (still possible in my eyes), then a vet (until I discovered animals just weren't for me) possibly an unpopular opinion but they just are rank. Well, apart from my dog Lola, whom I described as fugly cute, you know that kind of cute where sometimes you want to squeeze your pet to death but other times they just look f**king ugly.
No? Just me.

Now do you understand?

Anyway, after the vet idea I decided I wanted to be a teacher, don't get me wrong, I do actually like children (just not 30 of them at the same time), so that led me onto the big wide world of business and integration law into it.

The question of, "So what do you want to do…

Let's get PERSONAL

For months i have wanted to talk about something that i have been dealing with, but it is not something i can share so directly.

This year has been the best and worst year of my life is so so many ways.

I have learned things about myself this year that given circumstances, i wouldn't have learnt before.

I am not as strong as i think i am. I am sensitive, I am emotional and, I can only deal with so much.

I have, for the past 3-4 years, dealt with an overwhelming sadness around November/ December time and can never put my finger on why.
This year the sadness has seemed to have lasted longer than usual, i have written a blog post all about loneliness recently and it's something that always creeps up on me the closer it get's to Christmas.

It is so easy to pretend for so long that you are ok, things are ok, but you know they are not.
People with the biggest smile can be the ones hurting the most.

We can be so selfish sometimes and get so caught up in our own issues that we s…


Loneliness can creep up on you at any time.

You can be the happiest you have ever been and BAM, it's hits you.

You can be in a room full of people you know and love and still feel alone, like you're suffering and no one notices.

This is meant to be the most magical time of year and yet, the loneliest, why is that?

Stopping yourself from opening up to people out of fear they won't care, they won't understand.
No one will...

Will it needs to Stop. Stop being alone. Stop thinking it should go unnoticed and you deserve it.

No one deserves to feel alone.

I really hope this short message helps some people, just be writing this and putting my thoughts out there for people to read is a step forward.

Charlotte x

University Pressures

As i am embarking into my 3rd (and final) year at University, the pressures are overwhelming for what is expected of you.

Not only is this year worth 80% of my degree, but the looming question of, "what are you going to do after" is ever present.

It seems just having a degree isn't sufficient anymore.

You need to be at a Russel group uni, have experience, graduate with a 1st, volunteer, and do a post graduate degree to even be considered 'employable'.

Not only this, but you must be on top of your game. For myself, this is in terms of a training contract at a law firm... however, i have to apply NOW for one in 2020!! I have no clue where i will be next week, never mind in 2020. What's more is these training contracts not only want to know what grade you got at Uni, but what UCAS points you got. UCAS POINTS?!
*Future employer, please do not judge me on what i done at 18*

The comparisons have begun, every student seems a competitor now, the days have gone of …


In the summer of 2018, I went to Zante with 3 of my bestest friends and from that trip I have since discovered how to survive a girls holiday.

1. Go with your BESTEST friends- you will be living, breathing and eating together for 1 week. Luckily i live with my friends so we already knew each others habits before going away. However, it is possible you may get under each others feet so go with people you feel the most comfortable with.

2. Events- we booked 4 events before going to Zante being (White party, paint party, foam party and boat party) and with this package we paid £125, however, you can buy a similar package when you arrive at your hotel and the reps charge EUR 250 so have a think what you want to do before you go.

3. Anything goes- from smoking in the clubs and receptions of hotels to dancing on bars, tables, poles and stages. Zante is a place where the rules do not apply. 

4. Making friends... Our experience was made due to the friends we made. You honestly make friends from t…

What my second year at University taught me

Seeing as last year i wrote a post about my first year at university and what i had learnt, i thought it was apt if i updated you all on what my second year of uni has taught me.
* If you haven't read the other blog post... i suggest you do What my first year at University taught me
You get to live with your best friends In my second year of uni i have formed better and stronger friendshipsRefreshers is SO MUCH BETTER than freshers!
4. Your uni home becomes more like 'home home' than halls did  Because of this, our house went to town around Christmas, from; a Christmas tree, tinsel, matching Pj's and a Christmas Dinner before everyone went home. It was no joke. 

5. I took a pathway year this year, meaning for half my year i studied law and for the remainder of the year i am studying business (although some people done a work placement) and i learnt that the business side of my course is WAY more laid back, everyone is basically horizontal 
6. Specifically in your secon…


Recently, as i am sure some of you are aware, i have said YES!

Yes to a new business opportunity.
This opportunity allows me to work from ANYWHERE in the world and around my full-time degree and part time job.
Saying YES has also allowed me to become my own boss, work from home and learn about a fantastic company that i truly believe in.
Some of the best in this business are living their best life earning a staggering £26,000 a month and having free trips paid for by the company... all they did was say YES, just like i have.
Not only does this opportunity come with free trips, flexibility, but it has the best support network of girls and guys around you.
My office can range from this: To this...
Meanwhile, you're probably reading this and working from somewhere like this... Or this...
Our moto is 'all you need is wifi', if you're interested in changing careers or simply earning more money then please message me. I would be more than happy to tell you exactly what i do,…

5 Places i want to travel to in 5 years

My love and desire to travel has grown with every place i have visited and from this i have created a list which i'm calling '5 in 5', 5 places i want to travel to within the next 5 years.

Here's my 5 in 5: 

1. Dubai

Whilst deciding where to travel to this year, Dubai was a major option for many reasons. One of them being how polar opposite it is to the usual summer holidays such as Spain and Greece and the excitement of the city with the luxury of the water surrounding you.

2. Hong Kong 

Admittedly, before i met one of my best friends at uni, i would have never considered Hong Kong as an option. Since meeting her (Sophie), and stalking her Instagram from when she visits home, i now understand how beautiful it is. I had no idea how 'holiday' like it was with beaches as well as the hustle of the city (much like Dubai).
Plus, i've made one too many pinky promise's that i'll visit Sophie within the next 5 years, therefore, Hong Kong has made it one to my …